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10 Ways To Make Money Blogging


Make Money Blogging

There are three hundred million blogs on the Internet today ranging in various topics from business to personal passions and interests. Starting your blog can be a simple experience. Treat your blog like a business. 

 Set up your accounts and dedicate your time and effort on monetizing your blog.  Choose your domain name in your chosen niche.  

Purchase a hosting service for your blog or website.  Blue Host and Host Gator are two excellent sources to set up a domain name and hosting services.  Wordpess.org is one of the best ways to create and manage your content.

How to Create and Monetize Your Blog

1.) Starting a blog will take discipline and due diligence. Treat your blog like a business.  

Create meaningful content relevant to your niche.  For example if you want to write your blog about Internet marketing and business, your articles should be about those subjects and how relevant the content is.  

You may want to write about cooking and creating healthy recipes.  Maybe your intrests are in sports activities like golf or basketball.  Stay focused on your particular subject and write a blog about your topic of choice.

Choose your Niche

3.) Choose your niche and research your subject well.  Become an expert on that area, especially if your going to make money from your blog.  

Make a list of  your interests.  Some suggestions may be  Yoga, healthy living, Sports activities, Weight lifting, Golfing, Baseball, Woodworking, Business or Gardening.  Figure out what you are passionate about.  Narrow down your list and choose a subject
to focus on.

Researching your Niche
4.)  After you have chosen your topic of intrest you will need to compile your research.  The Internet is an endless source of information.  Research you topic using Google search, Yahoo, Bing, Wikipedia are a good place to start.

social media marketing

Things to Think About

5.)  Why are you blogging?  Will your blog be a business?  Will you earn an income with your blog?  Are you writting to express yourself?  How much time do you have to write?  Who is the top ten blog sites in the Blogging industry?  What examples are you following.  Who will be your mentor?

Blogging Industry

6.)  Resources are available in every aspect of writing a blog.  Find experts in your field and take advice from them.  The best way to monetize your blog is through writing good content, email integration, advertisement and email marketing.

Mailing List

7.)   The Power is in the list.  Aweber is a email Marketing  program that can collect  and send emails for marketing porpoises.With Aweber you will be able to collect names and emails of potential customers and send offers in your niche.  
You can  schedule a webinar promote a ebook, software or sell a products from an affiliate program.  Staying in touch with your customers is curtial for building contacts for your business. 

 After setting up your Aweber account you can go throough a wizord and set up your mailing list.  Opt in Monister plugin is a powerful resource.  

Writiing an ebook about your niche and giving it away for free is a great way to have customers opt in  to your email list.  Stay in contact  and be engaged with your audicence and your business will  grow.

Monitizing Your Blog

8.) Earning an income from your site can be quite profitable.  Some blogs are earning 5000.00 per month.  Google Adsense can place ads on your site relivent to your topic or niche.

You will need to become an established blogger. Fill out an application from Google Adsense. After you are accepted you can place ads on your blog and earn an income.  

You can also pay Google to advertise for your blog or website.  Contact Google AdSense to find out more. Write an ebook and sell it on your blog or website.  


Affiliate Marketing

9.) Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways you can generate an income.  Promoting products and services that will earn you a good comission.  

Sign up to become an affiliate and start earning commissions based on your sales.  For example if you mentation a product or service with an affiliate link attaches to it and someone makes a purchases that product or service. 

You earn a commission on that sale.  You can earn as much as 50 to 75 percent commission on that sale.  Some services offer a reacurring commission.  

Affiliate Marketing is a good way to generate an income and monitize your bllog or website.  Amazon has an affiliate program as well as clickbank and JVzoo to name a few.  

Creating a Product

10.)Alot of people start out blogging and using Google Adsense as a way to generate an income. Creating your own product is one of the most profitible methods of monitizing. 

 Write an e-book about your niche.  Become an expert in your field.  Use your presonal experence ans expertise to write compelling content.  

The Internet is one tool that will enable you to promote your product through a blog, website,and social media. Create the life you want.  
Start today!  Leave me a comment and shre this post with friends.

Patricia Lynn

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