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Fantastic Work Online Business Opportunities For Entrepreneurs


 Best Strategies For Making Money Online
Work online business opportunities have become more readily available for anyone who wants to earn an income online.  There are several key factors that must be met in order for you to become a successful Entrepreneur.

Affiliate Marketing is primarily selling other people's products on your own website or advertising. 

Creating your own digital products or physical product inventory and having affiliates sell for you is one of the best ways to make money online.  

There are several good affiliate programs available for anyone who wants to start earning money immediately with little or no upfront costs.  

ClickBank Affiliate Platform

Clickbank affiliate network offers affiliates the opportunity to sell digital and physical products online through their affiliate program. 

Join for free and tour the marketplace to find a niche you are interested in.  Topics include cooking, sports, food, music, finance, making money, marketing, pets and much more. 

Find a niche that you are passionate about or have experience with.  This will help you build a business on your knowledge. 

 If you do not have experience there is plenty of ways to outsource work that needs to be completed. 

Once you have joined you have full access to the product marketplace, tutorial, blog and the opportunity to join Clickbank University for a small fee. 

 Learn how to sell products online for a commission.  This is a great opportunity for those who are serious about earning money online.

Once you have learned online marketing you can develop your own products and have affiliates sell those products online.  This process takes about 3,000.00 for product development, mentorship, and marketing. 

 Most users begin as an affiliate and soon see how profitable the online marketing industry has become and create their own unique line of products. Clickbank has the tools and mentors you need for success online.

Tips For Work Online Opportunities

  • Join an Affiliate network For selling products online
  • Find a mentor that teaches online marketing
  • Learn online marketing strategies
  • Purchase a domain name for your business
  • List your business in the directories
  • Write good content that is informative
  • Use WordPress Plugins to optimize marketing
  • Use social media marketing to grow your brand
  • Create Youtube Video related to your niche
Follow the advice from online marketing experts that can show you how to make money online suing tools and proven techniques that have made them wealthy over time.
Recurring Affiliate Commissions 

Basically recurring commissions is free money after an affiliate sale has been completed.  

This means if you promote a product or service you will receive a commission over time.

 Look for products that offer recurring commissions to maximize your affiliate marketing efforts.  Work online and optimize your earning potential.

When you recommend a product or service that is billed monthly to the user usually a membership program which is billed monthly.  You earn a commission every time the bill is paid.  This is a great opportunity for affiliate marketers to work online and earn money.

Best Companies That Offer Recurring Commissions

  • Aweber - Email Marketing 30% Comm Sale
  • GetResponce - Email Marketing 33% Comm. Sale
  • LeadPages- Landing Page Builder 30% Comm Sale
  • ElegantThemes- WordPress Themes & Plugins 50%
  • Thrive Themes WordPress Themes 50% Comm Sale 25% Recu
  • Social Pilot- Social media Tool 30% Comm Sale
  • Semrush- SEO-SEM Tool 40%

Adding these services to a business website can be done with affiliate tools, banner ads, affiliate links.
Contact the provider for more detailed information about becoming an affiliate.

work online

Fantastic Resources For Work Online Business's 
Finding the right resources can take a lot of time and effort, in the beginning, however, the end result will be well worth it.  

The Internet never stops working and this will allow you to earn money even while you sleep. Great Concept!

Twenty-four hours per day users are conducting a search for very specific information about products, services, and information from their computers, cell phones, and iPads. 

This means you have the opportunity to market products and services in a specific niche.  Starting out as an affiliate will get you instant access to products without spending one dime.

Purchase a domain name related to your niche market.  Something easy to remember and will be recognized as your business brand.  The cost is minimal from one dollar, ten dollars and up depending on your choice.


Godaddy often offers specials including one domain name, hosting and website all for one dollar.  Not bad if you are just starting out or on a low budget.  Speak to a representative and request information about any specials Godaddy is running at the time.

Blogger by Google offers a free website with a domain name or sub domain name for their platform.  This is a great way to publish a blog for minimal expense.

WordPress For Website Design

WordPress is easy to use with many themes to choose from a basic design to more sophisticated designs. Find free and paid options when designing your website. 

 Plugins offer complete services such as adding social media buttons, adding site maps, All In One SEO for SEO, advertising, link management and much more.  

Affilorama- Learn How to Make Money Online
Affilorama is the largest online marketing community that teaches you how to make money online through affiliate marketing.

Get access to free Afilo Tools that can help you analyze your website and beat the competition.  

Join for free and start earning money with your own website using one of many temples designed to maximize your affiliate marketing sales and commissions.  

Experts give you online marketing advice with proven methods and strategies that really work.

Hubspot Academy offers online tutorials in online marketing covering subjects, email marketing, content writing, social media marketing, advertising, sales training and much more.

Become certified and get inspired to make money online even while you sleep.

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Best E-commerce Ideas For Making Money Online

How To Start An E-commerce Store & Make Money Online
Starting a business online is a great way to increase your revenue while building a brand for your domain name. 

 Using the latest technology, hosting companies now offer easy to use website temples to create your own e-commerce store. 

Finding Products To Sell For A Profit

Selling other peoples products or manufacturing your own products and services for a profit online.  Starting out is easy if you have the right connections and resources to guide you into a successful career.  

If you are new to the online marketing area you may not have a product line to promote.  That’s okay there are plenty of affiliate marketing services who offer hundreds of already made products for other people to sell.  

Affiliate Resources
Companies such as Clickbank, Commission Junction, and are good resources for finding other people's products to sell for a commission.

Drop Shipping Providers Offer Wholesale Products

Getting products from drop shipping programs or affiliate services may be a good place to start if you have little or no funds available.  

Some drop shipping services provide the products you would sell in your online store and the drop shipper would fill the order by shipping the products to the consumer.  Great drop shipping services include a wide verity of products to choose from. Doba SaleHoo  

Find Wholesale products related to your niche to sell on your e-commerce website.  Do your reserach to make sure you are dealing with a good repitable company that delivers great products in a timely manner.  This will help you build a good reputation  for your brand.

e-commerce store

Design An E-commerce Store Around A Particular Niche
Choose a niche that you have experience with and are passionate about.  This will be the focus of your business and e-commerce store.  

Topics of interest are weight loss, pet care, sports, golfing, baseball, basketball, woodworking, outdoor sports, survival guide are just a few examples of a niche you could develop a business around.  

In fact the pet care industry earns billions of dollars per year selling pet supplies and is considered one of the best ways to earn money in that niche market.  Customers treat their pets as a beloved family member purchasing food, toys, coats, dental supplies, grooming supplies, collars, leashes, treats and much more.  

The internet has provided an excellent tool for entrepreneurs who want to start a business online with their own e-commerce store. 

Earn Money Online With Your Own Business
Working online and doing business online has become more commonplace.  

Studies show that a small business’s are using e-commerce store to compete with larger online retailers to get exposure, drive traffic and build an online presence worldwide. 

There are great advantages to having your own e-commerce store including no overhead cost, for example, no rent or mortgage, utilities, auto, insurance. 

Your computer and internet connection is your primary tool for business.  If you have the internet along with a computer, smartphone or tablet you can develop a niche website dedicated to a specific area of interest selling products for a profit.

Create an e-commerce store online rather than paying for a brick and mortar location (Rent or mortgage), insurance, utilities, phone and other expenses traditionally incurred with a business using an e-commerce store greatly reduces those traditional costs.  

Using the e-commerce platform gives the entrepreneur low startup costs and the flexibility to work on your own schedule.

Low startup fees may apply depending on the hosting package you purchase. Most of the time setting up your own store has minimal upfront expenses including web hosting.  

Since setting up your store is virtual you can easily and effortlessly create a niche e-commerce store.  Start earning money online right away using the best online services available to date.  

Best Online E-commerce Hosting Services
Check out these top 6 resources for more detailed information on how to start an e-commerce store online. Sell products worldwide with mobile and internet interface connections.  

Reach a large audience without restrictions earning more capital for your business, services, and products worldwide.  

Are you are looking for wholesale products to sell online?  Check out Google search engine.

Finding A Wholesale Distributer
Conduct a search on the products you are interested.  Find the manufacturer of that specific product and contact customer service.  

Ask for a reputable distributor that can supply products to you.  Do your research to find the right products relating to your niche.  

Get Access To Over 8,000 Wholesalers
Access over 8,000 genuine wholesalers, drop ship services and 1.6 million wholesale products to choose from.   Don’t have money for start-up cost?  No problem!  Salehoo has 1000 drop ship services that will supply products to you at no charge.  

Want more information, join the Salehoo Blog for tips and tricks on how to start your own e-commerce store and start earning money online.

It dosen't matter if you are just starting out or if you are a vetted professional.  Using a reputable distributer will make all the difference in your business.

Contact the Better Business Bureau to read a full report about the business’s you are considering working with.  You will be able to read a full report and grade about the service and see if any complaints have been issued against the company.  Look for a BBB A+ rating with businesses, companies, and manufacturers that serve the public with products, services, and deliveries.  

This will help ensure you have the products you need for your e-commerce store and for success online.  

Online Marketing Services Make Money Online
If you are unfamiliar with online marketing or  if you want to learn how to make money online using the latest internet services, there are fantastic resources available. 

Affilorama online marketing services offers, a full range of services including hosting, online marketing tutorials, step by step instruction from an online marketing expert plus access to the latest information in affiliate sales and marketing.  

If you are just starting out selling products online this is a great place to start.  

Find the tips. Tools and resources you need to succeed online.  

Take your business to the next level with proven methods that get results, driving targeted traffic to your website using organic SEO search engine optimization services, PPC advertising, email marketing, social media marketing, banner advertising and more.  
Contact Affilorama for in-depth information on how you can start a niche website online and earn the money you deserve.
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How To Analyze Your WebSite For Free And Increase SEO

business today

Are you thinking about starting a business online?  Developing a website from scratch with products and services is only one part of the equation.  Starting a business online takes a lot of work and commitment on a daily basis.  Having the right tools and resources can make your job so much more productive.  Having a good website in a particular niche can earn you a good income if your website is properly optimized to maximize your income.

There are great resources that can analyze your website for free and give you instant suggestions on how to improve your SEO online.  The results will be more visitors to your website and your business will grow.

SEO Power Suite: Website Auditor will exam structural aspects of your site, links, pages, coding, and other factors that may affect your SEO in search engine optimization, with a complete analysis and give you advice on what needs to be changed or fixed.  It will provide you with niche specific guidelines on optimizing web pages, content to rank in any chosen search engine.  Enter the URL of any website you want to optimize.  Website Auditor will search and analyze the individual pages of this website and fully optimize them for you.  

The free license includes 4 tools, SEO Spyglass, Links Assistant, Rank Tracker, Website Auditor.  Up-grades are available for more options offering a professional or Enterprise account for  more in-depth online marketing services.  Sign up for training and support with the SEO Power Suite Knowledge base.  There you will have access to online courses you need to succeed online. This is an extremely useful tool for online marketing.

Semrush website audit tool is your technical SEO Checker. Test your site and get the first 100 pages tested in just 5 minutes.  Get instant results on the health of your site in minutes.  Clear analytics detailing technical issues make it easy to track your website in PDF and CDF reports.  Customize your audit to fit your personal needs with a fully adjustable check exclusions and individual filters.  Monitor your site health  24/7 and get your SEO audit reports on demand.  Sign up and get all Sermush reports for free.

OnPage analytics tool is free to use or upgrade for more options.  Success online is only attainable with a fully optimized and monetized website.  Technical SEO is vital to the performance and function of your website. Zoom quickly combs through your website exactly the same way the search engines crawl with robots and then provides you with a complete report and lists.  Any errors or misconfigurations can easily be identified and corrected with this unique software.  Once you have detected your potential you can start optimizing your website to reach more customers and increase your income.

HubSpot website tool grader for analyzing your site.  This tool is free and easy to use. Go to and enter your URL.  In seconds you will get a score showing you how well your website is doing.


Moz offers free tools to optimize your online visibility for a 30 day trial.  Online marketing is completed and Moz software makes it easy for users to fully optimize their website.  Analyze your website for errors and SEO Opportunities you may be missing or unaware of existing problems with your website.  Moz finds them all during a routine examination of your site.  Instantly get the recommendations you need to improve your status and rankings. 

 If you have any questions the staff at Moz will address any issue you may have.  Sign up for their newsletter and receive insights on online marketing and SEO.  Connect with the industries experts and community or check out the extensive learning center for additional information.  Moz Pro gives you the highest quality data to do your job more effectively.  Powered by the industry- leading SEO metrics including domain authority and page authority.

Free tools include Open Site Explorer a full analysis of your website to determine page link metrics, Authority, and Inbound links. Sign up as a Pro Moz subscriber for a free 30 day trial and get access to additional information about your website analysis, 10,000 links view, run unlimited reports, access social data, spam analysis, link opportunities, create CSV reports and track links over time.  Moz is a great resource to use for your website analytics. 

Small SEO Tools is an excellent source for conducting website analysis for your URL.  This site offers 61 tools for you to use and analyze your URL including, AdSense calculator, IP Address finder, Spell checker, password encryption utility, password strength checker, website link analyzer, Google Malware checker, online URL Decoder, online MD5 generator, URL rewriting tool, 
reciprocal link checker, website keyword suggestion tool, similar page checker, article rewriting tool, redirect checker,

internet business

 Google index checker, Moz Rank checker, website hit counter, spider stimulator, website page snooper, meta tag analyzer and much more.  Tour the whole website and analyze your URL and make changes to your site for better SEO

SEOptimer is a great tool to analyze your website quickly and effectively.  See how your website looks on iPad and iPhone devices.  Traffic from mobile phones is now considered the number one method of reaching consumers worldwide.  Your exposure on mobile should be top priority reaching the maximum audience for your business.  

1&1 Website Checker SEO Optimization Analysis for your URL.  Evaluate your URL and instantly get a complete analysis of your website and needed recommendations for domain, hosting, sitemap, favicon, SSL Certificate, social share recommendations, CND activation, personal website score and much more all for free.

Site Analyzer:  The most efficient website analyzer SEO tool available to make your website better.  Try this service for Free and access to an in-depth evaluation of the health of your website including links, back links, SEO, Grade of site, Page analysis score, Use of keywords, titles, content, text code ratio, Rank checking, and, site vr. Site analysis.  Site Analyzer gives you a complete checkup made up of 60 criteria primarily based on your content, website usability to users and website performance. 

Any security issues will be addressed and necessary recommendations will be issued.  Get access to Site Analyzer backlink tool.  Find the best follow and no follow backlinks you need for your website.  Get an inside peek on what your competitors are doing and apply their strategies to your website. 

Discover how you can improve your online marketing campaign to drive more traffic to your website.  The Site Analyzer tool is free to start and offers two additional upgrade options for more detailed in formation.  Any grade over 75 means you are almost an SEO expert.

Use these fantastic tools to analyze your website on a regular basis.  You may need to tweak your settings, file a SSL Certificate or find new ways to increase your organic SEO Optimization. Drive more Traffic to your business and increase your profits.  Leave me a comment.  What is your favourite website analysis tool for your business?  Share this post with your friends.

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How to Use Popular Blogging Tools For Increased Productivity

essential blogging tools
Do You Want to Start a Blog?
If you want to start a blog and actually make an income. Use these resources for your business.   There are great tools that will make your job so much easier for writing great content, working faster and more efficiently. 
Land more readers on your blog post by effectively using online marketing techniques.   Use organic SEO for your promotional needs and blog directories for listing your URL.  

Top Tools For Bloggers

 Learn how to use social media for exposure and gain popularity in social circles.  Check out these fantastic tools for bloggers.  Create original content for your blog website and business easily with these top tools for bloggers.

Hemmingway APP
Hemmingway App Editor makes your writing bold and clear. The APP highlights long complex sentences and errors.  
If you see a yellow highlight then you know to shorten or split the sentence.  If you see a red highlight then you know your sentence is so dense and complicated.  
Your readers will have a hard time understanding what you are trying to convey.  Readers get lost in the meaning and meandering of the topic.  Try to edit the sentence by splitting logic until the red is removed.  
 A purple highlight means that a phrase has a simpler alternative meaning.  You can use a shorter word for the purple one.  Mouse over it for hints.  
Adverbs are helpful and shown in blue highlights.  Get rid of them and use verbs with force instead.  Phrases in Green show a passive voice. Aim for 2 or fewer. 
 Edit your text with the toolbar or paste in something you are working on and edit away.  Click on the write button and compose something new.  Grade your content 6 being GOOD or hire for a better score.  
Complete your content and editing your blog post.  Simply copy and paste your article into your blog and publish.  You content should be properly formatted in large print for easy reading.


Instapaper is a great tool that you can have on your desktop while you are online.  Use this tool to submit URLs that you want to save and read at a later date. 
 Organize your URLs and keep track of researched information you find interesting. Instapaper is a simple tool to save web pages for later use.  Compatible with iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle and computer. 


Evernote allows you to collect, nurture and share ideas across all platforms desktop and mobile devices.  Sync your thoughts and content with this great online tool.  Collect it all in Evernote.  
Ideas big and small and everything in-between that matters the most. Captured in a note ready to use when you need it the most.  Make a note of it, create a project or jot down an idea. 
 Capture a picture or sketch for later use.  Anything you save will be ready for use at a later date and time.  Capture a note once and it will be available on all your devices wherever you go forever.  
Find everything fast when you need it.  Images, handwritten notes, content, research can be accessed and organized with Evernote.  No more sifting through a sea of notes and papers on your desk.  Simply organize with Evernote.


Quora is the best answer to any question.  Never run out of writing ideas and inspiration again with Quora tool.  Quora is a question and answer site that users can post any question.  
The community edits, answers and organizes.  See what is trending now and what content is being shared around the web.  Receive answers to important questions from professionals who share their expertise with others. 
 Create your own blog and post content for others to read along with your description and personal profile on Quora for more exposure. 
Buzzsumo is one of the most important tools for SEO and campaigns.  Find out what is trending now and how many shares a particular blog post has.  Join for free or upgrade your membership for more detailed information. 
 Use the statistics to develop your content and write about a topic that is relevant at this moment in time.  
Analyze what topic performs the best for any topic or competitor.  Once you review the information provided, you can do something more elaborate than your competitor.  
Use this information to your advantage and create spectacular content with vibrant images that are eye catching and titles that grab the attention of readers.
online marketing

Quick Sprout

Quick Sprout is the easiest way for you to make better content so your audience and traffic continue to grow.  Enter your URL and log in with Google.  An analysis is conducted on the websites content and performance.  
Quick sprout can advise you on how to create better content.  The Social Media tab will show you which blog posts are doing well and which posts are not.  Take inspiration from the highlights on the list.


Portent Title creator for blog posts.  Your titles have to be creative and intriguing  to the reader.  Creating the right title can be challenge, at times.  Portent offers a simple solution to this dilemma.  Simply  enter your keyword topic and submit.  
In seconds you will be given several ideas to select from.  If you are not satisfied with that quarry click the enter button for more options. Your title should be catchy and tell the reader exactly what the article is about.

Tweak Your Biz

Tweak Your Biz is an outstanding resource for choosing titles and key phrases for your blog post.  Generate great ideas for your content and topics.  A good title can increase your visits 50%.   
Social sharing sites like Facebook and Twitter are more likely to share your content with intriguing titles.   Just enter your topic and go.  Instantly, you will be given a huge selection of titles and phrases to choose from for your next big article. 
Hubspot Blog Topic Generator
Hubspot Blog Topic Generator will create topics for you to write about in seconds. Don’t know what to blog about?  
Let Hubspot Blog Generator do the work for you.  Enter your keyword terms (Preferably Nouns) and submit.  That’s it.  Instantly get a weeks’ worth of great ideas and inspiration for your next post. 
For Example, I typed in the keywords tools for blogging, blogging tools, and tools and in seconds this is what Hubspot came up with.
A Weeks Worth Of Blog Topics
typing on computer
  •  The Worst Advice We've Ever Heard About Blogging  Tools
  •  Think You're Cut Out For Doing Blog Tools? Take This  Quiz
  •  5 Tools Everyone In The Tools For Blogging Industry  Should Be Using
  •  What Will Blogging Tools Be Like In 100 Years?
  •  10 Quick Tips About Blog Tools


Canva graphic design program.  Over 10 Million people are currently using canva for designing. Enhance digital photos, layouts, designs, posters, E-books, presentations, Facebook cover page, Twitter post , advertisements and more.  
Get creative and make your blog look professional with great digital photos and layouts.  Each blog post should have 3 images or graphics related to your topic.  Canva makes designing a breeze with fantastic templates, guides, and photos to choose from.  

Use different texts to make your message stand out.  Choose colors that compliment your article and topic.  Anything is possible with the right design software.

WordPress Blog

WordPress has over 74 Million users to date.  That is an amazing statistical number.  If you are new to blogging and you’re not sure how to set up a WordPress blog then you are in the right place.
I found a service that offers 2 Free WordPress Blogs, hosting, 2 subdomain names and free online tutorials.  
Upgrade when you are ready and get access to 24-hour service,  up to 50 blogs and premium services.  If you want to make money online with a blog this is a great place to start.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar can be repurposed to an editorial calendar.  If you write one post per day you can easily keep track of notes and blog submissions on your calendar. 
 Schedule your posting destinations and times to reach the maximum amount of readers. Once you fill out a daily schedule you will be able to prioritize your time and work more effectively. 


OnlyWire social submitter.  This is a great resource to help you promote your blog post automatically with the click of one button.  There are currently 50 + social sharing and bookmarking sites available at this time.  
If you were to write a blog post and then post your content to 50 individual social sharing sites individually, it would be time-consuming. You are required to enroll in each social sharing site to start with. 
 Onlywire offers a simple solution by submitting your blog URL with one click of a button.  Schedule the date and time you want your post to go out and Onlywire takes care of the rest.   


AdThis Share buttons can be added to your website for your social sharing needs.  When someone visits your website or blog they can share your post with others to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.  

This tool makes sharing your information with others fast and easy for readers who like your article and want to pass it on to social media.  Share this has broken down the barrier between desktop and mobile. 

What used to take several tools to complete one task has now merged into one streamlining mobile and desktop social sharing buttons into one service. Some of the specific changes include,

  • A streamline experience for setting up tools
  • Merge similar tools to make campaign management easier.
  • Combine mobile and desktop versions will enable one tool to work on any device.


CoSchedule Headline analyzer tool. Want to write better headlines?  Use this free headline analyzer to write terrific titles for blog posts and subject lines that drive social share traffic and SEO value.  

This tool is free and easy to use.  Type in your headline and click analyze.  In just a matter of seconds, your headline has been given a score on how that headline will rate and be shared on social media, SEO value and increased traffic.  

Know your headlines type to get the best results in search engines.  Some headline types get more transactions, traffic, and social shares compared to others.  

The headline analyzer helps you understand your headline types and capitalize on that research. How to titles generally result in the most click through’s. The headline analyzer lets you adjust your headline to improve your score and generic title for a better rank. 

Use proven research to write better headiness using common, uncommon, and emotional and power words.  This structure makes your headlines readable while commanding attention from your audience.

CoSchedule is a great tool for writing and analyzing your headlines and getting more attention for your blog posts.

Meet Edgar Social Submissions Service

Meet Edjar is a social media submission service for all your facebook and Twitter accounts.  You work hard on your blog doing research and writing articles relevant to your niche. 

After you submit your content to Facebook and Twitter your article will only be viewed for 4 hours and not all of your contacts will see your content.  Egar changed that.  

Edjar collects all of your posts and schedules your content for reposting over and over again to reach the maximum amount of readers.  This is a convenient way to distribute your posts and have traffic driven to your business, website, and blog. 


Grammarly App is the most accurate online grammar checker online to date and is now free to use.  Eliminate grammar errors while typing your blog post, Facebook, Twitter and other social sharing posts.  

Grammarly shows you typing and spelling errors that need to be edited.  This is a very convenient tool to use anytime you are typing.  Automated grammar checker instantly finds and corrects 250 grammatical errors for all your posts and comments.

There is an abundance of online tools for blogging to increase your productivity and content discovery. Learn how to use these tools to generate titles and ideas for your next post.  Write more efficiently and grab the attention of your target audience. 

Generate Traffic Pro

Generate Traffic Pro If you are looking for ways to increase traffic to your website check out Generate Traffic Pro.  Sign up for the FREE Mega SEO Submitter and your website or blog will be added to 5,000 websites.  Increase your visibility and drive traffic to your business for free. 

Leave me a comment.  Tell me about any blogging tools you use to make your work easier and more productive.  Share this post with friends
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Revealing 100 Topics For Blogging

Topics for blog

How to Find Topics for Blogging

Choosing a topic for your blog can be a challenge at times.  I have found great resources and tools that you can incorporate into your blog.  Forget about running into writers block again with these great ideas that will take your blog to the next level. 

Don’t’ know where to start with your blog?  How to choose topics that are informative and interesting?  Follow along and find 100 topics and how to choose a topic for your next blog post. Never run out of ideas again. 

Your blog posts and images should relate to the niche you are focusing on.  For example if your blog is about weight loss your focus should be on weight loss, diet, fitness and health. 

If your niche is on Cooking then your focus should be on cooking, recipes, food, healthy cooking, dinners, entrees, drinks and deserts.  

Choose a niche that you are passionate about and show cases your expertise in your articles with relevant, interesting information that readers will enjoy. 

Ask yourself the follow questions.

  • What is the purpose of your blog?
  • Is your blog going to be profitable?
  • Are you going to use your blog to teach others about your expertise?
  • Are you writing about personal experiences?
  • How are you going to promote your blog?
  • What is your target audience?
  • Who will be searching for your topic?
  • What is theme for your blog. This will give you direction on how to choose your topics that are relivent your blog posts.

Top Tools For Choosing a Blog Topic 

Google Trends on Current Topics is a good place to start.  Find the latest list of relevant topics of discussion around the world or near you.  Find out what’s trending now in data, visualization and what is most important to readers.  

Compare search terms on relevant keywords and see exactly what people are searching for and develop a graph to show statistical proof.  Explore trending YouTube videos that may correspond with your blog and write about that event or compelling story. 

Add the video to your blog for a more in-depth visual explanation of your article.

Google News gives readers up to date information on the top stories around the world.  Conduct a search in Google News and write relevant articles on one of the top stories related to your niche.  

Stay on top of news stories and find a way to use that current information in your blog.  For example the Olympics in 2016 was a worldwide event.  

I found articles related to the Olympics in blog posts and the writer made it relevant to the current event. Eat This Not that did a peace on what the athletes ate in order to stay competive and win the race.  

I wrote articles on cupping therapy and how the athletes used cupping to relieve pain and sooth sore muscles.  Both articles used a current event and were able to adapt that information into a relevant blog post in their niche.

Hubspot Blog Topic Generator is my number one choice.  Don’t know what to blog about?  Let Hubspot do the work for you by generating ideas for you.  

 Simply fill out the fields with terms (preferably nouns) that you would like to write about and Hubspot will come up with a weeks’ worth of topics in seconds.  Choose one of the suggestions and start writing. 

Hubspot Blog Generator

Google Keyword tool is essential to selecting a topic in your niche.  Google keyword planner is a free AdWords tool that helps you build search network campaigns by finding network keyword ideas and building upon that information.  

You can search for keywords and groups of words that will give you statistical data on how well that topic will perform.  Create new keywords by multiplying several lists together to come up with new keywords and phrases. 

Google keyword planner will give you the insight on the best keywords or phrases to use in your blog post.  You will never run of our great ideas with this teriffic tool.

Go to sign up for a account and log in.  At the top of your dashboard select tools.  Then select Keyword tools and fill out the form to get started.  Type in your keywords and research title phrases and terms.  

Once you type in a keyword you will be given lists to choose from. Use the Analytics to determin the best preforming keywords for your topics and use them in your title and throughout your blog post for good SEO.  

Buzzsumo is a fantastic source of information and inspiration.  Analyze what topics are performing well and see what your competitor is writing about. You can use that information as a starting point to get ideas for your next article and make it better than the competitors.  

Use in-depth explanations with examples, images, and videos and add testimonials to take your next blog post to new heights.  Your article just might make it into Buzzsumo at some point.

Pinterest is a specular source of inspiration and is a content sharing service that allows users to pin and share content, videos, and images for others to see.  This site also includes slandered social networking features.  

Do you need great ideas for your next blog post?  Simple log into Pinterest and set up an account.  Start searching in your niche.  For example if you are interested in cooking you can conduct a search on the keyword cooking.  

In seconds you will have thousands of recipes, images and blogs at your fingertips all relating to cooking. Other categories include cooking, healthy cooking, weight loss, yoga, business, entrepreneur, health, diets, home and garden, animals, saving animals, moon, nature, blogging and anything else you can think of.   

You can easily find a topic on Pinterest in your particular nice and write about it.  Learn how to use Pinterest for your business in promoting your blog or website.  Pinterest is a huge social network that should be included in your campaigns.

Stumbleupon is a wonderful site that offers thousands of newly discovered sites sharing their latest images and information.  If you are ever stuck on how to choose a topic for your next blog post then check out stumbleupon and look through specific niche topics for inspiration. 

After joining you will receive emails from  Stumbleupon related to your interstress that include specular images and content that will inspire your inner writer.

Google+ is a great place to research.  Join the communities in your specific niche and interests and see what others are writing about. Post your latest articles on Google+ and increase your exposure and traffic to your blog.  

Get great ideas and share your information with others in a well written blog post on a compelling topic.

Instagram is a very popular website and can be a great tool in finding topics to write about as well as promoting your next blog post. 

Post content and related images to your Instagram page and get connected to others in your niche.  Soon you will have others seeking out your information and liking and sharing your page. 

Quora is a good place to ask questions and get answers for your topic.  If you are stuck and need more ideas on topics you can post a question on Quora and get a response or do research on your topic of interest.

UberSuggest for keyword suggestions.  This tool is simple to use and will give you suggestions for any keyword or phrase in seconds.  Type in your specific keyword and you will get several ideas for topics you can write about related to your niche.

Writing Checklist

Do You Need a Topic for Your Blog?

There are websites and blogs on every subject you can think of floating around on the internet. Choosing a topic for your next blog post should be a breeze once you find the inspiration you are looking for. 

Check out this list and write about it in your next post.  Your blog should be focused on one topic and then you can elaborate on subtopics related to your niche.
1.)    Cooking
2.)    Food
3.)    Recipes
4.)    Recipes for children
5.)    Healthy recipes
6.)    Recipes for couples without children
7.)    Recipes for singles
8.)    Dog training
9.)    Health care for dogs
10.) Cat training
11.) How to take care of your cat
12.) Business
13.) Business Marketing
14.) How to Start a business
15.) Entrepreneur
16.) Marketing
17.) Blogging
18.) Website design
19.) Online Marketing
20.) SEO
21.) SEO Marketing
22.) Advertising
23.) Self-Improvement
24.) Health and Wellness
25.) Weight loss
26.) Diet
27.) Fitness
28.) Health
29.) Writing
30.) How to travel on a budget
31.) Travel to new destinations
32.)  Write Reviews on products and services
33.) Language learning blogs
34.) Tutorial blogs on a specific niche
35.) Webinars
36.) Personal development
37.) Spiritually
38.) Yoga
39.) Communication skills
40.) Social media
41.) Working independently in uncommon fields
42.) Rescued animals
43.) How to start a charity
44.) How to promote your business
45.) How to become a freelance writer
46.) Self Defense
47.)  Save the Earth
48.) Fashion
49.) How to make money online?
50.) Guide for women’s issues
51.) Guide for male issues
52.) How to guide be successful in business
53.)  A guide for men on female communication
54.) A guide for females on communication with men
55.) Dating
56.)  How to use technology for business today including payment processing, Credit card processing, Google docks, business start ups
57.) Legal issues
58.) Divorce
59.) Family
60.) Loans
61.) Finance
62.) Cyber Bulling, Bulling
63.) Cyber Crimes
64.) Behavioral disorders
65.) Criminal Behavior
66.) Entrepreneurial education for adults and children
67.) Politics
68.) News
69.) Home improvement projects DYI
70.) Better Home improvements
71.)  How to plant a garden
72.) How to plant a flower garden
73.) How to plant a vegetable garden
74.) How to  install a fish pond
75.) How to raise Coy fish
76.) How to live on a budget
77.) How to invest
78.) How to be a good friend
79.) How to have strong relationships
80.) Body weight training
81.) Metabolic training
82.) Aqua training
83.) Physical therapy
84.) How to train for a Triathlon
85.) Follow your bliss
86.) Create the job of your dreams
87.) How to create a residual income online
88.) How to Start over
89.) How to find inspiration
90.) How to choose the right career
91.) Family planning
92.) Fun with kids
93.) Fun activities for kids and parents
94.) Self-sustaining life style (Growing your own food, using solar power, etc.)
95.) Create the life you want
96.) Hamburgers
97.) What not to eat
98.)  Decadent deserts
99.) Careers ( Follow your passion0
100.) Mind strengthening exercises (Mind over Matter)

Choose Your Niche & Relate To Your Topic

There are literally thousands of topics to write about including finding solutions to everyday problems or giving advice on a well-researched topic. 

Use your expertise or life experience and write about that topic. Write about whatever you are passionate about and readers will enjoy your content on any specific niche.  

Once you chose your niche you can start writing on sub-categories and develop your blog content around that subject matter. 

For example, if you choose a niche in business your subcategories may be business start- ups, how to become an entrepreneur, SEO for business, Online Marketing ect.  

The possibilities are endless.  Finding a topic to write about only requires a little inspiration and ingenuity.

Leave me a comment.  How do find topics to write about?  What is your inspiration?  Follow me on Facebook

Patricia Lynn