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10 Fantastic Free Online Marketing Course

Free Digital Marketing Course's

If you are someone who wants to earn an income online, become an Entrepreneur, start your own business, conduct business online, create a residual income, sell products or services online?  you are in the right place.  learn how to generate an income online using your internet connections and computer, cell phone or iPad. 

If you have a great idea for a business or service then you will need to have the tools necessary for you to become successful in your particular area of interest. Surround yourself with successful mentors that are willing to share their strategies es with you.  Starting a business or having a website is only one aspect of the puzzle.  

You have to become an expert in marketing your business and automating the process or you could spend thousands of dollars and hire the right people to do the marketing for you.  Either way, digital marketing is a necessary part of any business.  Learn how to promote your business on social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Email Marketing, PPC, Advertising and more...

Take the time to learn how to market your business online and how to build a residual income that will grow over time and provide an income for you and your family.  Imagine have a successful website online that generates an income for you 24 hours per day even while you sleep.  That is the power of the internet.  We now live in an age where we can create the life we want if we are willing to put in the time and effort it takes to learn digital marketing   

Find fantastic free online marketing educational services and expert mentors that are dedicated to teaching you how to build a residual income and live the dot com lifestyle.  There are great tools and resources available online and are free to use on your own schedule.

Google Online Marketing Challenge. As online marketing and business grows, marketers are faced with new challenges and opportunities with this digital age in advertising and promoting their business. 

The digital marketing course is an initiative designed to educate students in the area of digital marketing. Students who undertake the Google Online Marketing Challange are incouraged to complete all of the courses to enhance their digital marketing success. 

Hubspot offers a certification Courses in Online Marketing.  Learn how to take your business to the next level with email marketing, Inbound Sales, Content Marketing, HubSpot Certification, Agency Partner Certification, Growth Design Agency and more. 

This self-paced curriculum introduces the fundamentals of how to attract visitors to your website, convert leads into sales. Learn SEO, blogging strategies, how to develop a campaign and build your list for online marketing.

Udemy offers online learning courses in a wide verity of subjects including business, cooking IT Services,  Office productivity, affiliate marketing, Adobe Design and of course marketing. 

 Courses range in price and are relativity low in cost or  free of charge.  This is a great resource to have if you want to study a specific area or get a quick online tutorial on any subject.

Coursera an Introduction in Marketing.  Taught by three of Wharton's top faculty in the marketing department and has consistently ranked number one in the world.  This course covers three core topics in Customer loyalty, Customer Centricity and Practical Go To Market Strategies.  looking for Free Courses?  Explore Lectures and non-graded material for free.  

Lynda  is well known as on of the best online learning resources mastering everything from Cad design software, Adobe Photoshop software to a multitude of subjects.  Video training taught by experts.  Aquire new skills and advance your career with this online learning opportunity.  Membership is $ 25.00 per month or $375 per year.  Free Class are also available

Residual Revenue Secrets.  Free Video Online Marketing Course taught by experts designed to teach Marketers the fundamentals of online marketing strategies.  See how you can start a business online and how to promote your business, products and services. Build a residual income that will last for years .
free video course residual revenue secrets
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Don't Wait for an Opportunity Create It! 

If you are struggling online and want to learn more about online marketing find experts who have years of experience and follow their lead as they guide you in the right direction with video tutorials, tips and resources you need to succeed online.   

Shaw Academy an online educational service dedicated to teaching, online marketing.  Over the course of 10 modules, you will learn about the rewarding sector of digital marketing.  With the help and support of the industries leading experts, lecturers, and tutors.

Course study includes,, Social media marketing, Benefits of Blogging on Demand, eCommerance Converting GoDaddy,
Pay Per Click Advertising,  Search Engine Optimization SEO, Online Marketing Made Easy, Data Driven Marketing, Your Strategy. Your Plan for Success.  These are all subjects you will want to focus on if you want to successfully promote your business online.

There is an interesting story behind DS106 and it started in the sping of 2010.  When University of Mary Washington Professor Jim Groom wanted to reimagine how storytelling could be taught in the digital age.  there was so much interest in the storytelling  course that Jim groom opened the digital course in the year 2011 allowing participants to join in the program.

In the spring of 2012 a Kickstarter Campaign was launched and raised 12,000 to bring DS106 Storytelling to a new level  and reach a larger audience as a full fledge media MOOC.  The course spawned a tv station, radio station, a Assignment Bank with over 400 contributors, over 18,000 blog posts, from active participants and lively  conversations on Twitter # ds106Hashtag. 

In the course you get to build your own online identity if you do not already have one and develope the skills you need for storytelling. Learn how to use social media and expand your reach. 

QuickStarter is a fun video course that allows constant contact and teaches you how to use email marketing and social media marking in your advertising campaigns.  Learn how to use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Instagram for online Marketing.  QuickStarter offers free tutorials and makes learning exercisable to everyone.

This is a well-structured course offering modules on social media marketing and How to use technology to your advantage.  This is for the beginner who wants to create an online profile and get up to speed with all social media accounts.  

There is an abundance of FREE information on online marketing. Take advantage of all the resources you find and implement those strategies in your business.  You will get expert advice, tutorials, and resources that will take your business to the next level. Do you have any FREE Online Marketing Courses you would like to share?  Leave me a comment.  Follow me on Facebook.
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How to Choose the Right Partners In Business

      Starting a New Business?
      Thinking about starting a new business and finding partners to hire in your success?  Starting a business is easy but finding the right support team may take some trial and error before you find the combination of support.  You may be considering starting a new business with a close friend of whom you think would be a good fit for your new venture.  Research shows that going into a business with a friend can have drawbacks and add stress to the relationship.  It is much better seeking experts in your area of interest to leverage and contacts you will need to succeed.  Look for partners that are honest, reliable, have a good work ethic and have a good reputation to compliment the business you have in mind.

      The best qualities in a partner are the qualities you do not possess yourself.  You want someone who can bring more skills to your business such as marketing, distribution, manufacturing, web design, accounting, financial investment and much more.  It takes a team to run a business smoothly and everyone has to do their part for any business to be successful online.  Look for someone who is honest, dependable, professional and, successful in their business.  Bring those contacts and resources into your business as a collaborated effort and you will see your business grow to new heights.

      Find a Co-founder with a complimentary skill set:  Try to choose someone who makes up for your flaws.  If you are someone who hates networking for your business then find someone who loves to network and can bring in leads for products and services.  Make a list of all the things you need an expert for such as build a website, marketing, advertising, networking, accounting, analytics, and posting.

      There are many aspects in running a business and finding the right people to do business with that will be a good reflection on your behalf.  Look for experts with a proven record who have a good work ethic and provide services in a timely manner and sShare a similar Image.  

      Try to visualize where you want your business to end up years from now.  If you want a business that can be developed and sold at a later date and your partner has a different vision, for example, living a dot com life-style and hold on the business you want to sell.  Realize that you both have different goals in mind for the future and this may not be a good partnership. Be honest about where you want your business to end up and if you’re not on the same page, move on and find business partners with the same vision and expectations that you have in mind.

       Have similar expectations about the partnership:  Make a plan in advance that you all agree on concerning the time and effort you intend to put in the business.  Decide how many hours each person needs to put into the business to keep things fair and balanced.  If one person is putting in 40 hours per week and the other person is putting in 20 hours per week that is not a fair situation.  Designate certain tasks and times for each individual that will enhance work- flow to its full potential.  Make your business sore with the right people, tools and resources you need for success.

        Share expectations around equity.  If this is your first partnership then you may be tempted to split things fifty-fifty.  Don’t!  You can redistribute equity later on the split should reflect an investment and commitment to the business at the current state.  If you are bringing in an existing business and all of its clients to the table and your partners are hoping on board then you should expect more equity from the business to reflect the initial investment value.  If they are not okay with that then move on and find a partnerships that coincides with your goals.
        Share Common Financial Expectations:  If you want to reinvest your revenue back into a growing business and your partner has different plans about how money should be delegated, you are going to have a problem.  Set clear goals in advance as to the expenses necessary to run your business and how much money needs to be reinvested.

      Haire an account or CPA Accountant that you can trust to handle the finical aspects of the business.  This will help you set clear financial goals that have your best interest in mind.  Monitor and maintain the business financial with good software like Intuit or Quick books.  These are two great programs that are easy to use and implement in your business.  

      Be Friendly but Not Friends:  Business partnership can be stressful at times and making a clear business decision can be a challenge at times. It is okay to like someone and the contributions they bring to your business however you may need to make changes that are in the best interest of the business and it is much easier to make those decisions if your business relationships are not personal.  Cut ties with individuals that are not fully contributing to your vision and goals.  Find the perfect business partner.  If you have an idea find the people with the know-how.

       Resources you need to Succeed Online
       SBA:  An Electronic gateway to the procurement of digital information for business  including writing a business plan, loans for small business up to 6 Million, guides, and  resources, contacts in your area of interest, marketing information, classes and much more.
       Score: Face to face mentoring in your area of  interest.  You can get expert advice from  successful people who have built their business and reputation.  Find free workshops and  information you need to succeed online.  Take advantage of their online counseling and how  to guides for your business.

       Generate Traffic Pro:  Find ways to make money online and get expert advice from the pros.  See how to build a business online from experts who have made millions in their own online  business and are now showing others how to make money with Email Marketing, Facebook  Marketing, Youtube Marketing, WordPress website and marketing with Twitter.  Join the  team and learn from the experts as they guide you with step by step instruction. Get access to all the online marketing tools you will need to succeed online.

      SEO Mega Submitter: Submit your website or blog to 500,000 search engines, websites, and directories for FREE.  Submit your website to 5,000 websites absolutely free.  Get access to online marketing tools, resources, guides and bonus gifts.

      WordPress Blog:  If you are looking for a way to make money online and want expert advice on setting up your own WordPress blog that includes two free WordPress blogs, two subdomains, hosting, free classes and advice and free access to a keyword tool. ClickHere Gain instant access to the program and start your business online. Upgrade your account at any time and get access to publishing up to 50 WordPress websites and continued support from other members and staff.

      Moz:  Products and resources you need to gain online visibility.  Online marketing is completed.  Moz software makes it easy with a keyword explorer that exposes keywords and metrics others try to hide.  Backed by the largest online marketing community that ahs 5,000,000 members and counting.  Gain access to SEO tools and education that can take your business to the next level. Take the guess work out of your content marketing strategy and get connected with Moz.

      Hoovers:  Download the worlds largest business to business,  database.  Find people fast and gain instant access to 85 million companies and 100 million people and businesses that are easily searched by name, location and industry. Turn cold calls to warm calls.  Establish your product, website, promotion and reputation with Hoover the largest online directory on the web. Contact by chat or request a free trial.

      These are great resources to keep on hand for building your business and brand awareness.       Leave me a comment and tell me what you think about this article.

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How Bitcoin Is Creating New Ways To Make Money Online

The aim of Blockchain technology is to cut out the middleman and cut the costs of a transaction while increasing security. It is leading to a revolutionary shift from a cooperate to peer-to-peer society. This along with changes many other aspects of digital technology make it a very exciting time for people in the tech industry. It may be taking a significant number of jobs, but it is also creating a new way to make money online. If you get in early enough and start to learn how to capitalize, you will greatly benefit when the financial system collapses. All that will be left is cryptocurrency and knowledge will help you secure your future. 

Bitcoin is gradually going mainstream and in many countries, they have completely adopted the cryptocurrency. In Holland, there is a town called Arnhem, which has completely adapted and embraced the technology. It is known as “Bitcoin City” due to almost all services and products been available to pay for in Crypto. Due to the dramatic increase in Blockchain technology, it has opened the doors for new ways to make money through it. Below we look at the most popular ways to earn Crypto online.

 Mining Cryptocurrency If you want to get in at the very start of the process, mining Cryptocurrency is for you. You can either buy your own Bitcoin mining machine or take the stress out of the process and purchase a cloud mining contract. Mining Cryptocurrency works by attaching a device that helps solve mathematical equations. Due to it giving power to the network, it rewards a percentage of the fee from the Crypto that has been mined. You do not have to buy your own mining machine; you can purchase a cloud mining contract, and the company will manage your machine for you for a small fee. 

There are many risks attached to Bitcoin mining such as hashing difficulty levels getting too great or the price falling. It all depends on your own set of beliefs on what you believe is going to happen to the financial industry over the coming 12 months. If you are like me and think it is going to collapse completely, it is a great investment. The key is to knowing when to get out and using profits to invest in other Cryptocurrencies along with gold held on the Blockchain. BTC Gambling, Bitcoin Dice, and Bitcasino Games 

One of the most fun and favorite ways to earn Bits online is through playing Bitcasino games. One of the highest played is Bitcoin Dice where players roll a virtual dice to predicted if the score will be greater or lower. It is a simple game, but one that is very addictive and played with the right strategy can be profitable also. Using BTC dice bonus with no deposit if the best way to make it a valuable experience. Bitcoin Dice BTC bonuses are an incentive for new players to sign up to a Bitcasino and try their Cryptogames with real money. 

There are many different versions of these promotions, so finding the best and highest paying will help increase your chances of winning. There are no deposit bonus codes, welcome promos along with matched deposit offers. Pick the one that best suits your requirements and win big at Crypto rolling games. Bitcoin Faucets If you want to earn free Crypto online, search for Bitcoin Faucet sites. These are simple websites that pay users in Bits for completing a captcha form on their website. The payments are minuscule but using high paying Faucets on a regular basis will help you save Cryptocurrency. If the price suddenly shoots up, you will be in big profit for only completing captcha forms.If you wanted to try to benefit the most, use faucets to get free Crypto to gamble with on games like Bitcoin Dice. If you combine a BTC bonus along with the money earn through the faucet, you could make lots of cash without taking any risks.

4 super easy ways you can make money online 

Posted: Wed 2:00 AM, Jun 29, 2016 This article, entitled "4 super easy ways you can make money online," comes from partner site Money Talks News. Earning a little extra cash doesn’t have to be challenging or time-consuming, especially if you’re able to tap into online money-making opportunities that require little to no skill. Not sure where to start? No problem. There are lots of easy (and legit) ways you can make money online, including these: Take surveys: Some companies, including and, pay you to take surveys. The information gathered is typically consumer and user data that companies think is beneficial. Play games, and more: InboxDollars gives you a variety of ways to earn money online, including watching videos, shopping online, taking surveys and completing free offers. You can also score a $5 bonus just for signing up with InboxDollars. Small task work: With Amazon Mechanical 

Turk, you can choose from more than 200,000 HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks) — including data entry, audio transcription or answering simple questions, among others — to earn money. You can do as much (or as little) work as you want, whenever you want with this virtual workplace. Rewards app: GrabPoints is a rewards app that rewards you with points for trying out apps, completing surveys or playing games. Your points can be redeemed for gift cards or PayPal cash. Are you crafty? Here’s another set of tips: 4 Ways Creative People Can Make Money Online. Do you earn money online? How?

Tech Q&A: Speeding up your PC, blocking caller ID 

Legitimate ways to make money online Q.  Sara have two kids going to college. She searched ways to make money online and all look like scams to me. Can you help me find a way to supplement my income? A. There are many jobs you can do remotely or on your own time. You just need a smartphone, tablet or computer, a way to get online and the desire to make money. The jobs truly run the gamut. You can work as a customer service representative, take surveys, sell crafts, do odd jobs, evaluate search engine results, get paid to write or even earn a few bucks watching television.

 Sara had a comprehensive list of online opportunities on my website. Click here for 50 legitimate ways to earn money online. Speed up a slow PC Q.  My PC is running really slowly. What can I do to fix it? It’s only a year old but I am ready to throw it away! A. I get it. Your programs open sluggishly, web browsing seems pokey, apps are lagging and your startup time is worse than you remember. Before you throw your PC out the door, try these tricks. A good place to start is with the System Maintenance Troubleshooter, which can help you find problems with your PC. As you accumulate files and programs, your storage eventually fills up. You should have at least 15 percent free space on your operating system drive for optimal performance. Click here for additional steps to speed up your PC, including turning off visual effects,trimming your startup, defragging the drives and more. 

Block caller ID Q. I am a doctor and I don’t want patients to have my cellphone number. How can I call them without showing my number? A. The temporary way of keeping your mobile number invisible from caller ID is as easy as 1-2-3. Actually, it’s more like *67, and it’s free. Dial that code before the phone number and it will temporarily deactivate caller ID. The process is a little more in depth if you want to disable the feature permanently. Just call your cellphone carrier and ask for a line block. Once it’s done, your phone number will never appear, no matter whom you call. Don’t choose this option lightly, because it is permanent and irreversible. A better option is in your phone’s settings.Click here to learn how to hide your cellphone number so people won’t see it when you call. Find hidden indoor cameras Q.

 We are renting a home this summer. I am concerned about hidden cameras. Where might they be and how do I find them? A. The laws vary from state to state. In general, landlords can put up cameras outdoors and in public spaces, but they can't put them up, visible or hidden, where a reasonable person would expect to have privacy, such as in a bathroom or bedroom. (Audio recording has much stricter rules than video. In many states both parties need to be aware that the recording is taking place.) Special RF detectors can help you find the cameras. Click here for ways to spot and disable indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras. Rental car mistake Q. I heard you mention on your national radio show a mistake that people are making when renting cars this summer. It had to do with your phone. 

Can you please tell me more? A. When you pair your phone to a rental car using Bluetooth, the car stores your phone number to make it easier to connect later. It also stores your call logs, and possibly even your contacts, which you don’t want sitting around for the next renter. Go into the car’s settings (it will vary by car model) and delete your smartphone from the list of paired Bluetooth gadgets. That should wipe your call log and contacts. If it doesn't, look for an option to clear user data or do a factory reset. Talk to the employees at the car rental place if you can't find these options. 

Copyright 2016, WestStar Multimedia Entertainment. All rights reserved. Kim Komando hosts the nation’s largest weekend radio talk show as she takes calls and dispenses advice on today’s digital lifestyle. Visit for free podcasts, videos, product reviews, shows, tips and advice.

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Independance Day

 More than two centuries ago, one declaration changed the world
A group of brave individuals declared that all people are fundamentally equal—equally born with rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.They declared that government exists for one reason to secure these God-given rights, deriving its powers from the consent of the people it governs. 

Celebrate Your Freedom
This weekend, we celebrate Independence Day in America. July 4, 1776 was the day America declared independence from Britain, but the battle for freedom went on until 1783—seven more years. Even though the people declared their freedom in 1776, they had to stand and fight for many years before the British would accept and recognize the United States of America.
The result? The founding of the United States of America.

But now America is under siege by radicals whose mission is to slowly and deliberately dismantle the principles of that original declaration. With over-reaching regulation, out-of-control spending, high deficits, and a weakened national defense, the government is the master. The consent of the people is ignored. America is looking less and less like the America of our Founding Fathers.
This must be stopped.
Conservatives must come together to stand for the principles on which our nation was founded and proclaim in unison our commitment to the ideals that our Founders proclaimed more than two centuries ago. The time has come for a new declaration to change the world.

The Conservitive Declaration

We believe in the spirit of our Founding Fathers and come togetherfrom across the nation to sign the following Declaration,, reaffirming our belief in the principles on which our nation was founded. We sign as individual citizens, united in our belief that our nation was established as a constitutional republic in which the power of government is limited under the rule of law, securing liberty and justice for all.

Certain Unalienable Rights

We believe this nation is uniquely dedicated to the universal principles of human liberty: that all are fundamentally equal and equally endowed with unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Americans are necessarily equal and self-governing citizens, and the U.S. government is established to secure those fundamental rights. With a limited government, we have the liberty and opportunity to live our lives, control our fates, and pursue our own happiness.

Privet Property

We believe in the right to the rewards of our own labor—the promise that we Americans can keep what we earn and that this makes possible a society in which every member can work hard, pursue opportunity, and advance in life based on individual talent and ability. In this America, success comes from hard work and personal merit rather than from entitlement or aristocracy.

Free Enterprize

We believe that the primary duties of the federal government in regard to the economy are to guarantee the equal rights of the individual, destroy barriers to opportunity, and uphold the rule of law. Because economic opportunity will be available to everyone, the people will have great incentive to earn more, save more, and invest in more opportunities for the future. This means more enterprise and more economic activity.
Rather than acting to guarantee economic outcomes, government should provide the sturdy framework for opportunity, economic growth, and human flourishing. It should remove unfair obstacles to economic markets, break down the artificial government structures that prevent competition, and otherwise keep tax rates low, reduce government spending, and prevent the over-regulation of private enterprise.

Common Defence

We believe it is the constitutional duty of the federal government to secure the country’s international borders, preserve and protect its territorial integrity, and strengthen and preserve its constitutional government. This promotes the long-term prosperity and well-being of the American people. This means that the United States must be able, willing, and prepared at all times to defend itself, its people, and its institutions from conventional and unconventional threats to its vital interests, both at home and abroad.
But liberty does not belong only to this country. The United States must also continue to recognize its special responsibility to support the cause of liberty in the world.

Relegious freedom

We understand and support the unique and important role of religious freedom as the cornerstone of our constitutional freedoms. The ability to freely worship and to act in accordance with a particular faith without fear of government reprisal is essential to civil society. Religious freedom protects our ability to live according to our deepest beliefs. It means we don’t have to hide who we are and what we stand for. It’s a freedom recognized as essential by the Founding Fathers and defended by policymakers, citizens, and religious leaders alike.
However, over-reaching government and a growing disregard for the role of faith in public life have led to increasing erosions of religious liberty. Together we stand in defiance of any edict that compels our institutions to participate in any act that impedes our ability to freely worship or to act in accordance with a particular faith without fear of government reprisal.

Limited Goverment

We emphatically reject today’s welfare and regulatory state. “We the people” demand less of our federal government rather than more. We commit ourselves as a nation to the principles and policies of a limited federal government and to the recovery of our Founders’ vision of a government that secures our rights. We insist that for government to play its proper role, it must be properly limited in its role.
Government must perform its proper responsibilities effectively through the three distinct branches of federal government, through all 50 states and through thousands of counties and local municipalities. We demand that the government recognize the clear constitutional limits to its powers.
Top of Form

Our Pledge

As individuals, we sign our names in full support of the above principles.
Together, we represent a unified front to support America’s foundational ideals. We reject the progressive efforts to dismantle our nation's foundations and will work tirelessly for the restoration of our constitutional republic.

Celbriate 4th of July with Friends & Family 
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Friday, June 24, 2016

Fantastic Ways to Make Money with WordPress

Making money online with a WordPress blog has become a common part of any online business.  There are many ways to be successful with your WordPress blog.  This article lays out step by step instruction giving you the foundation you need to start your WordPress blog and has found to be the most reliable and sustainable method.  Watching the video tutorials and spending time on each lesson and taking consistent action every day.  You have a much higher chance of being successful online.
WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog or app and is free to use and considered priceless.  Over 60 Million people have chosen WordPress for their software needs in order to create a business that can generate an income online.  The core software is built by thousands of community volunteers and when you are ready for more there are thousands of themes and plugins to choose from and transform you website into almost anything you can imagine.

        Find a web host service for your WordPressblog.  Consumers chose these top ten hosting companies to compare pricing and dependability. is a free online resource that offers valuable content, resources’ and comparisons.

      BlueHost.comoffers video tutorials, 24 hour customer support to help you get started and maintain your service and provide secure hosting. 

      Hostgator was established in 2008 and has managed to raise new heights and achieve impressive goals to make sure their clients don’t face difficulties.

      Ehost has a 9.9 4 star rating and actually delivers on their hosting services.  Click here to get the full web hosting comparison article.   There are hundreds of thousands of web hosting companies out there and a majority of which is meant for WordPress minimum requirements.  Choosing the right hosting company can be a chore and daunting process.  Guidelines show that WordPress works best in a rich hosting environment giving consumers optimum results.

      Blue Host is powering over 2 million websites and offer the ultimate ina WordPress platform offering 1 click installation, free domain name, email, tools and 24 hour support.

      Dream Host has been committed to WordPress and its community for over 10 years and is a fully optimized hosting platform.  At Dreamhost you take control over your server and let the experts handle the rest.

      Flywheel is a fantastic WordPress Platform that empowers designers, developers and digital agencies to create beautiful websites and blogs with ease.  Flywheel makes designing a breeze with their easy to use WordPress software and hosting services.

      SiteGround make managing a WordPress website easy with 1 click installation, managed updates, WP-Cli WordPress staging integration and 24 hour expert support.  Once you have your hosting service installed you can install WordPress website or blog.

      If you are new to WordPress and would like step by step instructions on how to set up your WordPress blog, get expert advice, 2 free WordPress websites or blogs, 2 free sub domains, free hosting and instant access, free video tutorials and more. Wealthy Affiliate is dedicated to providing expert advice on WordPress and affiliate marketing.  Join today and get your WordPress blog published and start the process of owning your own business online.
      Click Here to gain instant access.

      Assuming you have your hosting service and WordPress installed in your computer it is time to monetize your blog and earn an income from you


How to Choose a Niche

Choose a Niche Ask yourself three questions what are your interests and passionate about. Is there a market for the niche you are considering?  What is your expertise in a chosen area?  Choosing a specific niche requires some research before you begin.

Niches to consider are Food, Cooking, Health and fitness, Diet, weight loss, Sports, pet care, Arts and entertainment, computers and internet, betting systems, employment and jobs, home and garden, fiction, self-help, software, Travel, Languages, and more... 

The products and business opportunities are endless.  Do some research and find out what products sell the best according to your interests and expertise?  You may have experience with pets and you could build a website around dog training. 

Maybe you like Gulf or other sports like baseball or basketball.  That could be your chosen niche.  Here are some examples of a niche website. Join an affiliate marketing company to gain access to products and services that you can promote on your WordPress blog Click Here to Join.

How to Make Money with Your NicheWordPress Blog

      This is one example of a WordPress blog How to Lose belly fat review, featuring the niche of good health, weight loss, diet plans, fitness, Tips, resources and high quality unique content.  This WordPress blog uses Video presentations, Digital photographs, infographics, banner advertisements, Content, affiliate marketing, email marketing, free bonus gifts and offers.  Each aspect of this WordPress blog is an important element in creating a great experience for the reader.

This particular site can provide great information on important subjects like obesity, diet, natural healing, diets for inflammation, diets for weight control, preventing heart disease, diabetes, fitness, home gym, great recipes, good health tips, resources and more.  This site can help a person who wants to improve their health with natural methods using the latest scientific findings.  There is a science to losing weight and this site is proving informative content as well and product resources from affiliate offers.  Your WordPress blog sould contain informative content that is useful, inspiring and engaging.  Research your niche and include you findings in you post giving your reader a detailed article on a specific topic. For  more information on this example WordPress website go to  There you will find great well written, informitive content, digital photos, viedo presentations, resources, tips, free bonus gifts and affiliate offers that pretain to weight loss, dieting and fitness.

Affiliate Marketing

Once you become an affiliate you will have access to thousands of products to promote. is currently promoting weight loss diet plans when someone clicks on this link inserted in the blog they are directed to weight loss diet plans.  The affiliate earns a commission on any sale from this website.  The Paleo Diet plan is also a featured affiliate product providing 5 Paleo Hacks Cookbooks, recipes, resources, tips and bonus.  Once a customer clicks the link inserted in the blog they are directed to the Paleo Hacks Digital Cookbooks and free Bonus.  Customers get instant access to the program for one low fee. Click Here to see an affiliate offer.  As you scroll down the page you will see valuable information for anyone who wants to lose weight and optimize their health.  Once a customer purchase's the Paleo Hachs Cook Books they can download digital copies of the books to their computer and get instant expert advice for their weight loss, diet plans.  The affiliate earns a commission for each sale.  

Other examples are Google Sniper an online marketing course designed to teach users how to earn 6,000.00 per month online.  Wathch the free video presentation.  Click Here

How to train your dog This affiliate features dog training tips and resources

Mobile Monopoly an marketing tool that has generated millions and is used to put ads on cell phones for affiliate marketing Click Here to watch the presentation

Earn Cash Yearly.  This is a website that sells readymade online business opportunities.  Users get a full 300+ page website that has advertisments and Clickbank affiliate offers. The affiliate makes money with Google, Clickbank affiliate offers and advertising.  When someone clicks on an ad the affiliate makes money and alot of it.  Click Here to watch the presentation.

The Niche Blogger  Get 299 Niche blogs ready to ad your affiliate ID and start promoting.  This is a great way to start earning an income with readymade websites.  Click Here

Thes are just a few examples of websites that focus on a niche, service and affiliate offer.  Your passion may be Baseball, Goulf, Cooking, Business, or travel.  There is thousands of products to choose form and create a WordPress blog around that niche.

      Affiliate Marketing is probably the easiest way to earn an income by selling other people’s products and services on your WordPress Blog and earning a commission from the sale.  Clickbank is a top global retailer that has 200,000,000 customers worldwide.  Join For free and Clickbank also provides training for a small fee and free products and services to promote.  Click here to watch the free video 

      presentation. Selling affiliate digital products on a website blog or even social media has become common and is relatively a lucrative platform.  Affiliate marketing doesn’t require products and services it only requires a place to promote the product on a website, blog or advertising on free and paid services.  

     Affiliate programs usually take care of the logistics involved in selling the product or services, processing the order, shipping merchandise and handling the technical aspect of the process from product creation and development, to advertising.  All the while the affiliate simple chooses a product and promotes that product on their website, blog or advertising.  Affiliate marketing is a good way to earn money and learn how to do online marketing.       

      Amazon Associates offers an affiliate program and only pays a fee in commissions to sell their products.  Choose from over 1 million products to advertise on your website or blog.  Amazon offers easy to use tools and coding to keep the process simple. Earn up to 10% advertising Fee with a trusted e-commerce leader.

     CommissionJunction, Link Share, ShareASale, ClixGalore, PeerFly, Maxbounty, Neverblue.  Google Affiliate network is designed to help advertisers increase conversions on a performance basis and enables publishers to monetize traffic with affiliate ads. 

      Earn Cash yearly  The Affiliate makes money by posting ads on their website or blog.  Every time someone visits your website and clicks on one of the advertisements on your blog, you make money.  Earn Cash Yearly provides readymade websites with 300 plus pages, free domain name and hosting.  Advertising is placed on the website generating an income online with this simple system using Google and Clickbank.  This is money in the bank. Click Here for detailed information

    Banner Advertisements

      Once you become an affiliate you will get access to affiliate tools, banner advertisements, content and products and services.  Adding a banner to your WordPress blog is a cinch and can earn big bucks for you in commissions.  Simple Choose a product to promote from an Affiliate Marketing service provider and access the affiliate tools page. 

     There you will be given several banners to choose from with different sizes for proper placement.  Each banner will have a specific HTML code for installation.  Choose the banner you want to place on your website or your WordPress blog according to the correct size you want.  Copy the code for the selected banner.  Open your word Press Dashboard. Select Appearances.  Select Widgets.  Select a Text widget to open.  A text box will open up on the right side of your screen.   Add a title. Past the HTML code in the box. Click Save.  

     Your new banner advertisement will display on the side bar.  When someone clicks on that banner ad they will be directed to an affiliate offer.  If a complete transaction is made you will get a commission.  Adding Banner ads is a simple process and can add a great value to your website and your income.

 FREE Plugins To Help You Optimize Your WordPress Blog

      Online advertising is a mainstay on the internet today and has helped businesses and individuals earn money online.  Advanced techniques and strategies in an advertising system with great plugins will help you monetize your WordPress blog.  Adding advertising to your WordPress blog is easy enough and using the right plugins will make your job even easier.

  1.    Akismet for spam protection,
  2.    Growmap Anti Spambot plugin,
  3.    W3 Total Cache offers easy web performance and optimazation  
  4.    Contact form 7 a plugin contact form
  5.    WordPress SEO  Plugin makes SEO esay with Yoast SEO
  6.    Sexybookmarks allowes you to place social sharing buttions on your WordPress blog
  7.    Google Ste XML Site Maps Plugin allows Google to index your website   

Email Marketing 101
     EmailMarketing is the number one way to promote your offers to a massive market on autopilot.  Competition in online marketing is tough.  In 2016 there were Domains registered:14,910,176, WordPress blog posts: 73,911,788, Websites created: 121,624,404, Email sent: 43,452,667,800, Tweets: 61,132,259,657, YouTube Uploads; 920,181,700, Facebook Likes: 338,407,964,591 and growing.  Statistics show that  email marketing and communication is number one.  Learning how to utilize email marketing strategies has been perfected through trial and error.  Marketing a product or service through email has great advantages of other marketing methods.  Everyone reads their email on their own schedule.  This gives marketers the chance to connect and establish a relationship with their customers to promote affiliate offers, webinars leading to sales and coaching and more..

Building a List

     Assuming you have an online business or affiliate offers building a list from the very beginning of your campaign is essential to reaching you full potential in online marketing. Leadpages offers a simple website design specifically intended to capture emails for your affiliate offers.   Lead Pages is the  #1 page builder that collects emails and integrates everything all in one package.  This easy to use tool allows you to build a Leadpages also known as a lead magnet with an email opt in form.  This allows customers to get a brief description of you offer and submit their email in your opt in box.  To get customers to enter their email you have to offer something such as an EBook, report, top ten tips or something of great value in your specific niche.  Squeeze page landing page builder by Instapage is also another good resource used to capture opt-in emails from potential subscribers.  The potential to market through email is enormous. 


     There are several good autoresponders on line that can handle all of your email marketing on autopilot after you set it up.  Getresponce Autoresponder is easy to use for all your marketing campaigns.  An autoresponder is a program that automatically sends out messages to a particular email address in response to the emails you receive.  Getresponce offers detailed instruction on how to set up your marketing campaign.  Create emails in minutes with an easy to use editor drag and drop tool plus 500 templets to get you started.  Communication through you emails is crucial in developing a long term relationship with customers.  You want to give them value and offer them a product or service that will benefit them in some way.To learn more about email marketing go to

The Top WordPress Websites 2016

Create a Digital Ebook

     Once you discover the power of the WordPress blog you can start adding more elements on your sidebar.  Write and publish a digital eBook in your chosen niche.  Some examples could be cooking, deserts, travel, weight loss, diet plans, sports, basketball tips, baseball training, home and garden or business.  
     Become an expert in your niche and provide great content for your readers.  There are several programs available to make writing and publishing an Ebook easy and accessible to anyone who wants to put in the time and effort and research necessary to publish a successful eBooks.  Your completed ebook can be sold on your WordPress blog, website, Amazon or other.  

     Create an eBooks from start to finish and add your affiliate links and promotions where allowed.  Digital ebooks have become a popular source of reading material that offer instant downloadable targeted information on a specific subject.
     Paper Flip offers a fully equipted program that allows you to convert your PDF file into a downloadable flip  ebooks that can be viewed on any divice.  Expand your customer base and increase your brand awareness with a digital catalog, ebooks that use interactive elements to optimize your content.
     Blurb.comoffers a easy to use progam that allows you to create a ebook from start to finish with its affordable and flexible plans.  Publishing is easy with the right tools and compatible with most e-readers, Kindle, Apple iPad and are available for worldwide distribution.  
     Ebook Creator Plugin atumatically creates ebooks from the post on your WordPress Blog
     Adding an eBooks to your website and expanding your customer reach has never been easier with the right software anything is possible.
     WordPress is a fantastic way to create an online business and automate your income.  Technology has made it easy to work online from any location and integrate all of our devices while we work.
     When creating a WordPress blog that generates an income it is recommended to use the right plugins, affiliate marketing, write unique high quality content, digital photos, infographics, video, advertisements, banner ads, free bonus offers such as an ebook, newsletter, tutorial course (webinar) or product in your niche.  The whole process may seem over whelming at times and very time consuming.  It is important to find great mentors and follow their lead.  For more information go to  There you will find expert advice and free traffic methods and promotional tools.  Leave me a comment Follow me on Faceook.  Create a fantastic WordPress website.

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