Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Top Ten Traffic Exchange For Bloggers


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Traffic Exchanges  are used by blogger and advertisers around the globe.  Free services are offered by many internet companies.  Extra  fees vary depending on the  packages available through each site.  Starting a business online can be very expensive.  I found good free resources to use in promotions.

Free services are more time consuming howeevr if you are just starting out or if you are on a limited budget using traffic exchanges may be a good way to start advertising your business online for free.  

There are great resources available for business owners to get traffic to there website.  In exchange for this service you will be required to watch somone elses advertising for a few secconds and then click on an corrisponding icon to show you watched their ad.  You will get exposure to your website and traffic.  Some Traffic exchanges also offer social sharing and blog posting.  Reach new customers while expanding your out reach.  The more targeted traffic you get to your website the more conversions and sales you will receive.  

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Top Ten Traffic Exchange Sites

1.) Easyhits4U at  www.easyhits4u.com is a good place to start.  This site is easy to navigate and promote your advertisements for free.  You can upgrade your account or earn credits for your advertisements. Write Blog Posts and engage with followers through email service on Easyhit4U.

2.)  HitLeap at https://hitleap.com  Quality traffic exchange for your business needs.  Set up an account.  Next you will surf advertisements and other sites to earn credits for your advertisements to be viewed by others.  Hitleap gives you international organic traffic.

3.)  Traffic G  at www.trafficg.com  This is a auto surf traffic exchange that offers free advertising and improves site promotion. You can get powerful results with seo tools. 

4.)  10khits  at www.10khits.com  Auto surf exchange.

6.)  Start Exchange at www.startxchange.com  free hit exchange.  Increase traffic to your website.  This is a manual traffic exchange.  

7.)  Internet Traffic 247 at www.internettraffic247.com  Social network.  This site helps you build your list for Internet marketing.

8.) Vast Hits at www.vasthits.com  Get free traffic to your website.  This site offers a manual surf exchanges.

9,)  Traffic Splash at www.trafficsplash.com  Free manual surf traffic exchange.  You decide how many visitors you want to visit your site.

10.)  Million Auto Surf at www.freemillionautosurf.com  This is the number one free manual surf exchange.

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To learn more.Advertising fro your business and website through traffic exchanges can be a great way to promote your offers.    Using free services is time consuming however I found the traffic exchanges do give good exposure to your ads.  Start advertising today!  Leave me a comment.  What is your faviorate source of advertising for your business?  Share this post with friends.

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