Monday, November 30, 2015

How to Start a Online Forum


6 Easy Steps

Generating a fourm for your business can expand your customer base and communication with indivigules interested in your paticular area of business.  Fourms are a great way to start discussions, ask important question and get answers and opions from the public.  

For example if you want to start a fourm on weight loss, diet and fitness plans, you will be reaching consumers who spicifically want information on weight loss issues.  These consumers are looking for support and information reguarding their spicific needs.  They want answers to their questions and concerns from others related to that niche.  

Weight Loss Fitness Forum is detigated to serving indivigulas who want to improve their health, fitness level and lose weight.  There they can post questions focussing on diet and fitness and receive a good responce to their concern.  If you have a website concerning weight loss and fitness you can contribute to the discussion through the forum.  Use the personal setting to list your website.  If someone clicks on your profile to learn more about you, they will see your website and may check out your blog or business.

The Warrior Forum for business is a great example to use.  This forum is detigated to business indivigiuals who want to post questions and recive answers reguarding business, how to make money online, online marketing, digital marketing, advertising, blogging and much more.  Join the Warrior Room for extra benifits.  This is the number one forum on the internet today and is considered a fantastic source of uptodate information on business and SEO.

If you have a website or blog and want to increase your  SEO rankings and traffic to your business consider starting a forum in your spicific niche inorder to communicate with consumers intresed in your area of expertise.  Follow the steps below to get started on how to start an online forum for your business.

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1.) Find Your Niche

Think of an area of interest such as a specific subject that you have extensive knowledge about.  Some examples may be technical expertise,writing, blogging,design,cooking, pet care to name a few.  Choose a topic that you are passionate about and able to dedicate time too in publishing your forum.  

2.) Buy a Domain Name

Buy a Domain Name from a trusted host provider.  You domain name will be the URL address of your website and business.  Do some research to find a domain name that is relivent to your niche and easy for consumers to recconize, remember and identify with.
HostGatror at,
Bulehost at,
ehost at, 
Godaddy at

For a complete list of the top 10 web hosting picks go to for more information.  Choose a package that fits your budget.  When creating a domain name keep that name relevant to your niche.  This name will tell visitors about your topic of interest. For example your domain name could be or  Do a google search for forums that your interested in to gain some inspiration in your area of expertise.

3.)Install Forum

Install free type forum like SMF to your directory.  Place your link to your web page to it.
Hostgator has a easy forum template that allows you to create a forum in the topic of your interest.

4.) Welcome

Welcome visitors to your forum by answering questions about your theme.  


Generate traffic to your forum by posting messages to other forums with similar niche.  Put a link in your signature.  Submit your URL to search engines.  Google at
Yahoo at  Your site will be added to the index after approval.  This process does take time.  

6.)Make Money With Your Forum

Install AdSense Plugin on your forum. Visitors will click on your ads and you can generate a residual income 247.  If you are an affiliate for clickbank, Commission Junction or any other affiliate program, you can advertise your promotions and earn a good commission as well.  Watch the 10 video tutorial on How to Make a Forum.  Get step by step instruction that shoew you how to create a forum.  Take your business to the net level and start a forum online.
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