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10 Fantastic Free Online Marketing Course

Free Digital Marketing Course's

If you are someone who wants to earn an income online, become an Entrepreneur, start your own business, conduct business online, create a residual income, sell products or services online?  you are in the right place.  learn how to generate an income online using your internet connections and computer, cell phone or iPad. 

If you have a great idea for a business or service then you will need to have the tools necessary for you to become successful in your particular area of interest. Surround yourself with successful mentors that are willing to share their strategies es with you.  Starting a business or having a website is only one aspect of the puzzle.  

You have to become an expert in marketing your business and automating the process or you could spend thousands of dollars and hire the right people to do the marketing for you.  Either way, digital marketing is a necessary part of any business.  Learn how to promote your business on social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Email Marketing, PPC, Advertising and more...

Take the time to learn how to market your business online and how to build a residual income that will grow over time and provide an income for you and your family.  Imagine have a successful website online that generates an income for you 24 hours per day even while you sleep.  That is the power of the internet.  We now live in an age where we can create the life we want if we are willing to put in the time and effort it takes to learn digital marketing   

Digital Marketing How to Make Money Online

Find fantastic free online marketing educational services and expert mentors that are dedicated to teaching you how to build a residual income and live the dot com lifestyle.  There are great tools and resources available online and are free to use on your own schedule.

Google Online Marketing Challenge. As online marketing and business grows, marketers are faced with new challenges and opportunities with this digital age in advertising and promoting their business. 

The digital marketing course is an initiative designed to educate students in the area of digital marketing. Students who undertake the Google Online Marketing Challange are incouraged to complete all of the courses to enhance their digital marketing success. 

Hubspot offers a certification Courses in Online Marketing.  Learn how to take your business to the next level with email marketing, Inbound Sales, Content Marketing, HubSpot Certification, Agency Partner Certification, Growth Design Agency and more. 

This self-paced curriculum introduces the fundamentals of how to attract visitors to your website, convert leads into sales. Learn SEO, blogging strategies, how to develop a campaign and build your list for online marketing.

Udemy offers online learning courses in a wide verity of subjects including business, cooking IT Services,  Office productivity, affiliate marketing, Adobe Design and of course marketing. 

 Courses range in price and are relativity low in cost or  free of charge.  This is a great resource to have if you want to study a specific area or get a quick online tutorial on any subject.

Coursera an Introduction in Marketing.  Taught by three of Wharton's top faculty in the marketing department and has consistently ranked number one in the world.  This course covers three core topics in Customer loyalty, Customer Centricity and Practical Go To Market Strategies.  looking for Free Courses?  Explore Lectures and non-graded material for free.  

Lynda  is well known as on of the best online learning resources mastering everything from Cad design software, Adobe Photoshop software to a multitude of subjects.  Video training taught by experts.  Aquire new skills and advance your career with this online learning opportunity.  Membership is $ 25.00 per month or $375 per year.  Free Class are also available

Residual Revenue Secrets.  Free Video Online Marketing Course taught by experts designed to teach Marketers the fundamentals of online marketing strategies.  See how you can start a business online and how to promote your business, products and services. Build a residual income that will last for years .
free video course residual revenue secrets
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Don't Wait for an Opportunity Create It! 

If you are struggling online and want to learn more about online marketing find experts who have years of experience and follow their lead as they guide you in the right direction with video tutorials, tips and resources you need to succeed online.   

Shaw Academy an online educational service dedicated to teaching, online marketing.  Over the course of 10 modules, you will learn about the rewarding sector of digital marketing.  With the help and support of the industries leading experts, lecturers, and tutors.

Course study includes,, Social media marketing, Benefits of Blogging on Demand, eCommerance Converting GoDaddy,
Pay Per Click Advertising,  Search Engine Optimization SEO, Online Marketing Made Easy, Data Driven Marketing, Your Strategy. Your Plan for Success.  These are all subjects you will want to focus on if you want to successfully promote your business online.

There is an interesting story behind DS106 and it started in the sping of 2010.  When University of Mary Washington Professor Jim Groom wanted to reimagine how storytelling could be taught in the digital age.  there was so much interest in the storytelling  course that Jim groom opened the digital course in the year 2011 allowing participants to join in the program.

In the spring of 2012 a Kickstarter Campaign was launched and raised 12,000 to bring DS106 Storytelling to a new level  and reach a larger audience as a full fledge media MOOC.  The course spawned a tv station, radio station, a Assignment Bank with over 400 contributors, over 18,000 blog posts, from active participants and lively  conversations on Twitter # ds106Hashtag. 

In the course you get to build your own online identity if you do not already have one and develope the skills you need for storytelling. Learn how to use social media and expand your reach. 

QuickStarter is a fun video course that allows constant contact and teaches you how to use email marketing and social media marking in your advertising campaigns.  Learn how to use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Instagram for online Marketing.  QuickStarter offers free tutorials and makes learning exercisable to everyone.

This is a well-structured course offering modules on social media marketing and How to use technology to your advantage.  This is for the beginner who wants to create an online profile and get up to speed with all social media accounts.  

There is an abundance of FREE information on online marketing. Take advantage of all the resources you find and implement those strategies in your business.  You will get expert advice, tutorials, and resources that will take your business to the next level. Do you have any FREE Online Marketing Courses you would like to share?  Leave me a comment.  Follow me on Facebook.
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